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Awards & Trophies

Awards and trophy presentations may be tailored for all events and can be used for any number of occasions. Sales awards, quality awards, safety awards, customer service awards, employee-of-the month awards, distributor and customer appreciation awards, and retirement plaques are just a few examples of how organizations may recognize special people within their business.

On the left, the fireman's Maltese Cross is an especially beautiful service award example that is lasered and gold-color filled, all in house.

Many of the store's featured awards are for the budget minded but are still excellent choices. A large selection of designs are available, with an "Awards Showroom" full of different examples.

Our award cup trophies are made of metal in silver and/or gold color attached to a solid base of plastic or marble. You may personalize your trophy with a team message, logo, or individual message to present to those who have reached a special goal.

Our sports award categories contain various awards including medals, resin trophies, sport plaques, traditional trophies and more. Many of these awards are custom-made to match the particular events.

Our athletic trophy, plaque and medal lines are assembled with pride to help you acknowledge all your sports winners! All trophies, plaques and medals can be personalized just for an individual or event. We provide trophies, plaques and medals to fit any sport or occasion.

Crystal awards
are elegant and rich designs. Crystal awards capture light in reflections creating prismatic displays of bent light. Each crystal award is laser engraved to provide an exceptional honor.


Acrylic awards
are an excellent and elegant way to appreciate an employee for excellent service or a client for meeting sales goals. Students especially enjoy these as they can be purchased for that child's specific achievement. Acrylic awards are shatter resistant, and provide many of the same characteristics as glass and crystal awards at a fraction of the cost.

We are pleased to provide a very large selection of the best acrylic awards available today with new acrylic award products being created every day. Styles include colored and custom acrylic awards as well as metal accent pieces and mirrored acrylic awards in various color combinations. We also offer acrylic plaque awards for hanging on the wall or standing on desktops.


Our wood award, display, and trophy collection
is truly unique. Awards in this category are made of wood material with fine grains visible. Many can be adorned with accents or even personal items (gavels, badges, pins) to make them uniquely special. The wood items can be laser engraved to show the underlying grain, or the removed elements can be color filled to make the wording "pop" off the award.

Other wood products provided at this store include basswood planks for displaying that prize deer that you worked so hard to find. All wood plaques can also be tailored to accommodate a picture behind a thin clear acrylic plate for protection. They come in a variety of sizes from 4X6 to 11X13 inches. You may display on wood a picture of the very event that was meaningful to you or even won an award!


Plaques come in a variety of finishes, wood grains, and colors available from walnut plaques, to rosewood piano finish plaques, black piano finish plaques and even glass and acrylic wall plaques.

Our laser cutting can create a unique 3D wood plaque for your group, or to highlight a certain individual with recognition. Many of these particular items are tailored to the armed forces with each branch emblem being highlighted in great detail. Names, service years, rank recognition can all be added for personalization.

Religious awards include items such as wooden wall plaques, acrylic awards, plaques, stonecast and gift award lines that are very popular and are often presented to church members, officers, board members, etc. We can custom engrave your church's logo and/or add a bible, praying hands, cross or other religious artwork as desired.

Our ribbon collection
contains a wide variety to commemorate any occasion. Available in many different shapes, sizes and colors, Ribbons are an excellent choice for scholastic or other achievement recognition. We can also custom design a ribbon specifically to meet your needs. Colors can be mixed, wording added, and logos imprinted just to mention a few of the possibilities.


Baseball, bowling, football and soccer medals are some of our most popular items. We also offer a full line of other medals and a variety of ribbons for all sports and occasions. Our medals and ribbons are a perfect way to acknowledge winners and participants.


celebrate academic accomplishments from athletic, music, band, art, and drama, and other achievements. Custom-made certificates can be created with your event, school logo, motto, etc.


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