As the publishing division of UniqWare by Design, UniqPublishing is an independent self-publishing company.

More importantly, however, it is characterized by full-service support of its potential authors.

The following are the goals of UniqPublishing for the year 2011.

1. Operate an efficient production in a cost-conscious environment.

2. Publish traditional hard- and soft-cover books, selected shorter monographs (examples: genealogy, local history), unique educational materials (example: tutorials on the web), and ebooks (Kindle and/or others).

3. Solicit and engage authors who are in their early stages of short- to medium-sized manuscripts (60-250 pages) and selected shorter monographs.

4. For the engaged author, provide traditional publishing services; early-stage assistance such as general and copy editing; consultation for enhancing the potential for success; and marketing support.

5. Lead engaged authors through the progression of publisher to distributor to retailer.

6. Offer generous author royalties to engaged authors.

To read details about the services of UniqPublishing and how it operates, please use the eight tabs above and the three buttons below.