The Author's Handbook

An excerpt from The UniqPublishing Author's Handbook is presented on the right. The complete handbook is available to UniqPublishing's engaged authors. An engaged author is one who has been accepted as such after submitting a request for publishing consideration and an initial draft of one chapter or summary of the proposed publication. This initial submission for publisher review should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words. The initial contact with UniqPublishing may be done by email to

As extra benefits, engaged authors will have an email address with UniqPublishing as well as subdirectory presence on the web. To be viewed by those who visit UniqPublishing, the subdirectory will contain a short author biography and information about the author's upcoming publication.

Introduction: The Route to Publishing

As the starting point toward publishing, the author's ability and desire are critical. Before reaching the destination, the basic "stops" along the way will include planning and preparation with a publisher, copy revision and editing, arranging for print or electronic format, engaging a distributor with appropriate access to wholesalers, entering the inventory of retailers and, finally, "guiding" the book into the hands of readers.

This Handbook will reveal the advantages of online sales and distribution of print-on-demand copies. More importantly, however, the Handbook will explain the anticipated preparation, production, distribution, marketing, and sale of books. To simplify their role, authors will deal directly with only one entity in the process: the publisher.