Publishing costs vary greatly, as do royalty percentages and net return. The factors which most affect book production, distribution, and sales are: choice of typeset printing or print-on-demand; minimum number of books anticipated; book format (hardcover, etc); number of pages; number of images; black/white vs. color; and pre-publishing author support.

Traditional publishers, if a book is pre-approved for publication, may cover pre-production and production costs if, in their analysis, they have some assurance of sales of 1500 or more copies, if the author accepts the industry standard percentage for author royalty, and if the author concedes the final authority to them.

The following are cost ranges normally associated with book publication and the general guidelines for UniqPublishing costs.

Preparation Costs
Production & Distribution Costs
(eBooks are less expensive.)
Book Production--two examples:
editing of early drafts (optional)
1. paperback: 6x9 paperback
w/o internal color images, 300 p.
General editing and pre-PDF formatting of final copy
1.00-3.00/ page
2. hardcover: 6x9 w/color dust cover, 300 p.
Copy editing of final copy
.50-1.00/ page

* figured into the retail price; determined by
publisher in consultation with author--
Example: Retail Price: $12
production costs=$5.40;
20% discount to distributor=$2.40;
(short discount for print-on-demand)
16% to author=$1.92;
profit to publisher=$2.28

*not up front
cost but % of
sale price
Pre-Production Costs and Fees   Distribution
no cost
PDF conversion, ISBN purchase, setup pub fees, 1 proof
Web presence on (except Kindle)
no cost
extra proof (optional)
Marketing: (click Marketing button for
more info)
little cost
Regarding author royalty, the accepted industry range is 10 to 15% of net;
UniqPublishing offers up to 16% of the price of the book. Anticipating net returns is best left to the author, since there is little basis for predicting sales of books except those of well-known authors.